Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22nd December-2010-Mr. Chowdhury in CMM court.

Date: 22nd December, 2010

Event: Mr. Chowdhury was brought to court but not produced at the CMM court on the 22nd, illegally being kept in remand for an extra day. The family gets to meet him for 30 minutes by court order, under full supervision of police. S. Q. Chowdhury shows his injuries and blood soaked tissue to the family.

  • ·         Mr. Chowdhury brought to the CMM court premises on the 22nd of December after 6 days.
·         One whole day of ‘illegal’ remand. The court had ordered him to be brought on the 21st, but the govt. fails to bring him at the end of the 5 days.
·         SQC was not produced in front of the judge/court, he was kept in the holding cell in the building beside the courthouse, through out the court session.
·         In the proceedings the judge did not ask why he was not produced, nor direct for him to be present in court.
·         The court approves the appeal from the family to see him for 30 minutes while in the courts holding cell.
·         The family of six meet Mr. Chowdhury in presence of 15-18 policemen and DB.
·         The member of parliament, Mr. Chowdhury, was seated on the floor, with his back against a wall of the court cell.
·         When he heard his family call out to him to tried to stand up, but failed.
·         He was wearing a shawl over his shirt.
·         Two policemen unlocked and entered the cell and helped him get up.
·         His body showed signs of obvious suffering.
·         He could not stand up straight.
·         He put out his hand as the family put their arms through the bars to help him stand.
·         He stood briefly, and with every ounce of energy in him shouted out that he knew the people torturing him, what they were doing and why they were doing it.
·         The family urged him to tell them what he had been through, and how they had tortured him before they had to leave.
·         He spoke as if it would be the last time he would see his family.
·         His voice was loud, but it was obvious he was struggling and in great pain.
·         He said that that the men who tortured him had openly told him ‘We cut Chowdhury Alam’s gutts out and threw him in the river, we will do the same with you and no one will have anything to say’.
·         The family begged him to show his wounds.
·         He hesitated at first and obeyed as the family vehemently persisted.
·         He took out blood soaked tissues from under his clothes.
·         Mrs Chowdhury put it away so none of the guards would see him give it.
·         Took parts of his clothes off to show his raw bloody areas.
·         Places he was repeatedly electrocuted were still bleeding.
·         He said he had been electrocuted for 5 days, continuously every 2 hours.
·         He was injected once with something, when they it was titanus shot, and two other times they tried to inject him he refused to let them.
·         His heels were broken.
·         Part of his chest and stomach on the right side of his body was bandaged.
·         The bandages were covering the razor cuts they made on him.
·         His elbows were swollen and black and blue, and the webs between his fingers were bleeding.
·         The lower parts of his body especially his thighs and legs were predominantly black from the beating.
·         Mr. Chowdhury could not stand any longer and the policeman lowered him down. 
·         After a few personal words with the family, the family was escorted out.
·         Mrs. Chowdhury showed the blood soaked tissues to media and reporters outside.
·         The police van, apparently carrying the MP, came out.
·         Greeted by hundreds of supporters, mostly lawyers shouting out his name.
·         Taken to Central Metropolitan Jail in Dhaka
·         23rd morning he was transferred to Narayanganj jail, located in the outskirts of Dhaka