Friday, December 24, 2010

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Bangladeshi nationals are struggling and horrified by the social torture !

15 hours ago
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Bangladeshi nationals are struggling today at their own country!
This country founded on a struggle for national liberation, which is known as the People's Republic of Bangladesh. It pledges nationalism, democracy, socialism and secularity as the fundamental principles defining the Republic and declares the pursuit of a society that ensures its citizens- the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedoms as well as equality and justice, political, economic and social.
Equality before law: All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law. Where is the equality today?
Why Bangladesh Rifles revolt at 2009? Whose order was that? If there is equal justice under law then “A GROUP OF PEOPLE” who was involved in BDR Mass killing plan needs to be prosecuted. This is absolutely unacceptable to accuse only BDR Jawans who took the order from their leader and today their name tactfully covered up and government is not disclosing the Actual Group of People who was involved into this plot. It is very clear that the people who are involved not coming to the public scene by governmental pressure.
·         Why so many BDR Jawans died in sudden suspicious heart attack while they were in custody for interrogation? Many BDR Jawans disclosed the real name at the interrogation process and all of them died in the custody skeptically.
·         Why all the Jawans brutally assaulted all the innocent Army officials’ family members’ right after Home Minister Sahara Khatun convinced some of the mutineers to give up their arms?
·         Why PM didn't act properly and did not help those first 5 officers who was hostage at the beginning? Those Army officials constantly contacted via phone to PM to save their life but within few hours they were brutally killed on that spot.
·         Why there is a new set-up of untrained Army now?
This is a disgrace for the nation while they are killing their own people and taking the Soldiers life away at their own land without a war. These loyal Soldiers are saving their country but no protection on them. Who is responsible for this?
Bangladesh got independence 39 years ago but no freedom of people at Republic of Bangladesh today. During the two-day mutiny, BDR soldiers killed 57 officers and 15 of their family members, including the director general and his wife. The amount of Army officers muted in BDR massacre which exceeded liberation war of 1971. This is a disgrace that loyal soldiers got muted at their own country.
If Justice is equal under law then current Labor Minister Khondokar Mosharaf Hossain needs to be prosecuted for the suspicious death of his wife by him, there was no charge filed against him since he is father-in-law of PM’s daughter. They are violating law but no one questioning about this issue because there is no freedom of speech. Justice department is controlled by the Govt. Why innocent Bangladeshi people will listen to these unruly politicians? They are talking about the history of 'Mukti-Judho'; at the same time they are violating the law and taking the basic freedom away from the nation. Does Bangladeshi deserve the political game like this?
Why these people revolted and killed the nation of father? Father of the Nation Bangabandu was a great human being but his own family ruined his reputation. Unfortunately this family has many allegations during 1975; few family members assaulted the Army officers’ wife. Army officials took this assault very seriously and complaint to Sheikh Mujib family but no action been taken. Those Army officials revolted and took the initiative to kill the whole family of this honorable leader Sheikh Mujib. The Urdu word “Awami” mean People, today the dynasty ruler is ruling the country by using his title by not following Bangabandhu’s attitude. True patriot is more affective to protect their own country but people are insecure today with the act of political leaders. Political leaders are getting elected to fulfill their intention how to make money and where they can use illegal power. Today politics is known as dictatorship in the name Democracy.
Many people are tortured due to both parties personal resentment. There are so many divisions in the same political parties. Rapid Action Battalion or RAB is an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of Bangladesh Police constituted amending the Armed Police Battalion Ordinance. But they are engaged with corruption by the authority’s order. Many sources reported that RAB is torturing innocent people forcefully and no action has been taken against them. Hence, they claim themselves as RAB which is a fake RAB group and they disguise their identity right after torturing innocent people.
Senior Leader like MP Salaudiin Q. Chowdhury was mistreated by the Government forces abusive power recently. Respectful MP Salauddin Q. Chowdhury has a big mouth that never fears to speak truth out loud. MP Salauddin QC does not do politics for the money or fame. Politics flows through his blood. Eminent brave politicians like Salauddin Q. Chowdhury have been tortured illegally without trial and prosecution; his fundamental rights were taken away by the Govt forces. If those allegations were legitimate then why it took so long for those people who are accusing him after so many years? It is clear that there must be a political resentment on him. Govt party is falsely accusing him that he was involved with strike/hartal and other activity. If this is the case then where is the law and order these days? Why Govt cannot control the unruly group of people who was striking on MP's van with broom in front of police? Police was silent to the violent crowd.  Who gave this power to the police & the violent crowd? What does that say? Where is the security of MP's life who was tortured in a brutal way? Why Govt is not protecting human right? People can clearly judge this unlawful activity. If a leader can be tormented brutally then people can imagine what is happening to many other people in the country while they are chosen to be tortured forcefully.
This is about time people of this country should be aware with the individual rights and needs to be united to construct a civil society and work hard to stop this illicit activity, brutality, torture, killing, Ransacking otherwise more people will be taken away forcefully.
Honorable Dr. Yunus is a great pride for Bangladeshi. Dr. Yunus is a great asset of this entire nation. It is Bangladeshi’s duty to protect their own asset instead he has been humiliated by the Govt and others with false allegation. This is becoming a nature of accusing someone without judging right or wrong. This is a disgrace for the nation to show disrespect to an honorable human being who earned Nobel Peace Prize of his great invention to help the clients establish creditworthiness and financial self-sufficiency.
It is absolutely indecent to speak ill about a deceased person who's already been assassinated, this is great disrespect for the departed soul. Governmental Party leader openly criticizing about Shaheed President Zia ur Rahman with absolute disrespect. Shaheed President Zia Ur Rahman served for the country and country gave him honor after his death by naming the Airport as ‘Zia International Airport’. But Zia International Airport's name was changed by this current government which is an insult towards Shaheed Ziaur Rahman. They are treating this country as their personal property by naming all the hospital, Stadium and changing all other institutions name as government's family members’ name. This disparage is setting up a poor example to the next generations and rest of the world. There won’t be any good values/ethics to pass on to the next generation.
People are very proud of few respectful politicians like Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, Liaquat ali Khan, Khawja Nazimuddin and Maulana Abul Kasem Fazlul Haq of thier great deeds and contribution in the society. They are great example of well-mannered with humble personality that people will always remember. Media or any people cannot speak publicly about the truth or truly admire these great politicians because they will be criticized as "Razakars" by current Govt Parties. No one has right to erase these great personality from the history. India never fears to praise about great personality like Mohatma Gandhi and so does the other part of the world. Bangladeshi people are losing freedom of speech. Many Bangladeshi National's reported that they are ashamed of these disrespectful leader‘s of Bangladesh today who has lack of education, manner, dignity and moral ethics. When government visits foreign counties or any delegates; they humiliate their own country with ill- comments and open negative criticism which is an embarrassment for the Bangladeshi national's who lives abroad.
Today, there is lack on social development or economic development, No Freedom of Movement, No Freedom of Assembly, No Freedom of Association, No Protection of Home and Correspondence, No Enforcement of fundamental rights. People are tired of strikes, torture by the Govt. Soon or later, the next generation will not be interested to study journalism as a career.The Society of Professional Journalists is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of the nation and the liberty. Hence they are suppressed and not allowed to speak or write freely due to political pressure. Eventually this noble profession of Journalism will decay. Next generation will be deprived from the truth of this society and history.
The nation wants peace, real democracy, independence, freedom from this type of family dynasties dictatorship; people want respect and protection of basic human rights so that they can share with rest of the civilized world. They want to call themselves: They are proud to be a Bangladeshi. Nation needs to learn how to praise others by encouraging people rather than insulting their own nation towards the world.
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